Decent socks can be the difference between an epic day out on the trails and complete, freezing misery but let’s face it, most of us don’t want to spend a day’s wages on a pair of socks to get covered in mud and most likely ripped when we crash.

Step up the On-One Thicky Merino Sock (£3.99). They’re not 100% merino, they are made up of: 69% Merino wool, 11% Spandex, 10% Elastic and 10% Nylon but this mix ensures they dry somewhat quicker than their more traditional counterparts.

With size 11, and a bit feet I tested the biggest in the range, size Large to X Large which covers a men’s UK size 8 to 11. I found the foot of the sock to be slightly shorter than required but not so much as to cause discomfort due to the seamless construction. For those with wide feet though these are roomy and have great arch support.

The socks have a nice soft feel which On-One call “silky, itch-free comfort”. This is silky to the point the socks are lethal on a laminate floor!

On the bike I used these with both 5:10 impacts and Shimano AM9’s. The socks merino content ensures your feet stay considerably warmer than a ‘normal’ sock while keeping moisture at bay. I found my feed stayed cosy for around 90 minutes when riding in temperatures sub 5 degrees Celsius. When they started to get cold a quick stop and toe stretch soon warmed them up.

Once the socks get damp, they have enough about them to dry out and still keep some warmth in but once wet, you’re getting cold!

I had a slight issue with my heal slipping in my shoes due to that “silky, itch-free comfort” but this did go away after the socks were ‘roughed up’ a bit.

The socks are a little thicker than a standard sports sock and this allows them to give your feet a bit of cushion and stop any additional rubbing sometimes caused my cold weather.

Final thoughts

There’s not much to say here, they work and work well. Even better is that you can order 2 pairs of socks including postage and still have change from a tenner.