7 months have flown by since my first half on the 1st of January, and since then I’ve ran between 8 and 9 per month ( 10 in May!).
Most of them were solo runs, completed between 1:36′ / 1: 47′ sometimes with friends for the whole distance or for just a few miles, and some were organised races : Ironbridge, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Chester, Shifnal, and Wrexham Village Bakery Half was my fastest at 1:30′
On Wednesday I ran number 61 and that’s a total of 800 miles so far with another 510 to go.
Are they getting easier? They were until I passed the halfway point and after that I started to find it hard to recover in time for the next run.
My job involves taking people out for runs and also I’m totally addicted to parkrun so the extra mileage was having a toll on me.
Mid July I took ten days off, had a relaxing break in Aruba and came back refreshed and as good as new.
I’ve been lucky and had no injuries so far ( touch wood!), just a few niggles that come and go, so extra stretching helps immensely.
I’m right on schedule and still have one week break saved to take later on the year.
My target is to raise £1 per mile run for Cancer Research Uk and so far I’ve reached £788, only £12 behind my target.
Less than 40% of challenge remaining, I’m loving every minute of it and will miss it when it’s over.
All my runs are uploaded on Strava at www.strava.com/athletes/rikroadrunner