Credit: British Athletics

The Great Britain and Northern Ireland squad for the 2023 World Para Athletics Championships in Paris, France [8-17 July] has been announced by UK Athletics.

Reigning Paralympic champions Jonathan Broom-Edwards (coach: Bethan Partridge, club: Newham and Essex Beagles), Hannah Cockroft (Paul Moseley, Leeds), Aled Davies (Ryan Spencer-Jones, Cardiff), Sophie Hahn (Leon Baptiste, Charnwood), Owen Miller (Steven Doig, Fife), Dan Pembroke (David Turner, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) and Thomas Young (Joe McDonnell, Charnwood) will all compete at the Charlety Stadium next month.

Nine athletes receive their maiden call-ups to a GB & NI senior team including Funmi Oduwaiye (Josh Clark, Cardiff & The Vale Schs) in the women’s F64 Shot Put and Discus, Commonwealth Games champion Emmanuel Oyinbo-Coker (Nat Senior, Newham & Essex Beagles) in the T47 100m & 4x100m Universal Relay, and Kevin Santos (Mike Utting, City of Norwich) – who won the UK Athletics Indoor Championships 60m title earlier this year – also in the T47 100m.

The world championships – the first to be held since 2019 – take place just over a year ahead of the 2024 edition of the Paralympic Games which will also be held in Paris.

Head of Paralympic Performance at UKA and Team Leader for the Championships, Tom Paulson, commented following the team selection,

“I am really pleased that we have selected such a strong team for the World Para Athletics Championships. It is an important stage in the cycle leading into the Paralympic Games, so with just over a year to go until the Games, this will be a good indicator for athletes and their support teams as they continue their journey to Paris 2024.

“Heading to Paris this year and getting used to that Championship environment is hugely beneficial for the athletes and will be a chance to go through the processes a year out. I am looking forward to seeing how they all perform in this Championship environment.

“It is pleasing to see nine athletes receive their first call-ups to senior GB & NI teams, which shows the pathway is in a strong position. Earning a place in the team for the worlds and competing against the best on the global stage will be an invaluable experience for them.”

The Great Britain and Northern Ireland team for the World Para Athletics Championships, Paris, France [8-17 July]


Kare Adenegan (Job King, Coventry) – T34 100m and 800m

Fabienne André (Jenny Archer, Weir Archer Academy) – T34 100m and 800m

Hollie Arnold (David Turner, Blackheath and Bromley) – F46 Javelin

Olivia Breen (Aston Moore, City of Portsmouth) – T38 Long Jump and 100m

Lydia Church (Mark Edwards, Peterborough & Nene Valley) – F12 Shot Put

Hannah Cockroft (Paul Moseley, Leeds) – T34 100m, 800m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Sabrina Fortune (Ryan Spencer-Jones / Ian Robinson, Deeside) – F20 Shot Put

Kayleigh Haggo (John Owens, Ayr Seaforth) – T72 100m

Sophie Hahn (Leon Baptiste, Charnwood) – T38 100m, 200m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Sammi Kinghorn (Rodger Harkins, Red Star) – T53 100m, 400m, 800m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Maria Lyle (Jamie Bowie, Team East Lothian) – T35 100m & 200m

Anna Nicholson (Richard Kaufman, Gateshead) – F35 Shot Put

Funmi Oduwaiye (Josh Clark, Cardiff & The Vale Schs) – F64 Shot Put and Discus

Eden Rainbow-Cooper (Jenny Archer, Weir Archer Academy) – T54 800m, 1500m & 5000m

Ali Smith (Benke Blomkvist, Guildford & Godalming) – T38 100m, 400m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Hannah Taunton (Charlotte Fisher, Taunton) – T20 1500m

Mel Woods (Rodger Harkins, Red Star) – T54 400m, 800m & 1500m


Columba Blango (Chris Zah, Shaftesbury Barnet) – T20 400m

Jonathan Broom-Edwards (Bethan Partridge, Newham and Essex Beagles) – T64 High Jump

Steven Bryce (Steven Doig, Victoria Park City of Glasgow) – T20 1500m

Karim Chan (Lukasz Zawila, Charnwood) – T38 Long Jump

Richard Chiassaro (Jenni Banks, Harlow) – T54 400m

Barney Corrall (Aston Moore, Charnwood) – T37 Long Jump

Aled Davies (Ryan Spencer-Jones, Cardiff) – F63 Shot Put

David Devine (Tony Clarke, Liverpool) – T13 5000m

Gavin Drysdale (David Phee, Red Star) – T72 100m

Dan Greaves (Zane Duquemin, Charnwood) – F64 Discus

Michael Jenkins (Ryan Spencer-Jones, Pembrokeshire) – F38 Shot Put

Kyle Keyworth (Kes Salmon, Manchester Harriers) – T35 100m & 200m

Nathan Maguire (Ste Hoskins, Kirkby AC) – T54 400m, 800m & 1500m

Owen Miller (Steven Doig, Fife) – T20 1500m

Luke Nuttall (Sonia and Chris McGeorge, Charnwood) – T46 1500m

Emmanuel Oyinbo-Coker (Nat Senior, Newham & Essex Beagles) – T47 100m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Jonnie Peacock (Dan Pfaff / Benke Blomkvist, Charnwood) – T64 100m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Dan Pembroke (David Turner, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) – F13 Javelin

Marcus Perrineau-Daley (Jenny Archer, Weir Archer Academy) – T52 100m

Ben Sandilands (Steven Doig, Fife) – T20 1500m

Kevin Santos (Mike Utting, City of Norwich) – T47 100m

Zac Shaw (Leon Baptiste, Cleethorpes) – T12 100m & 4x100m Universal Relay

Daniel Sidbury (Chris Parsloe, Sutton & District) – T54 400m, 800m, 1500m & 5000m

Luke Sinnott (Roger Keller, Bournemouth) – T63 Long Jump

Zak Skinner (Aston Moore, Loughborough Students) – T13 Long Jump

Rafi Solaiman (Phil Fleetwood, Charnwood) – T72 100m

Harrison Walsh (Nathan Stephens, Swansea) – F64 Discus

Thomas Young (Joe McDonnell, Charnwood) – T38 100m