Uberbike produce components trusted and raced by the Steve Peat Syndicate Uberbike global racing team and they are one of the UK’s leading cycle component brands for both road cycling and mountain biking. They have very kindly sent us the above products for test and review and here is what we thought

Uberlube All Condition Synthetic Chain Lube with PTFE – 125ml
From the back of the bottle it states: ‘Developed and manufactured in the UK, Uberlube is a synthetic blend penetrating lube with PTFE offering quiet, long lasting and ultra low friction performance. Uberlube’s all year formula is engineered to perform in both wet and dry riding conditions, with advanced additives and inhibitors which displace moisture and dirt whilst adding excellent corrosion resistance.’

Prior to installation of the lube I ensured my chain was fully cleaned and degreased to ensure a fair test of this product. I applied a reasonable amount to let it penetrate fully into the rollers of the chain, wiped the excess off and set off on my maiden voyage with Uberbikes new lube helping me along the way.

Within the first few miles I noticed a quieter and smoother running drivetrain as well as improved gear change response. I’m a firm believer of keeping my drivetrain running smooth by regularly cleaning and degreasing my chain and derailleur so I know this benefit isn’t since my drive train was dirty beforehand.

I tested the lube through 3 weeks of solid riding and noticed a considerably cleaner drivetrain in comparison to my previous chain lube which used to hold on to the mud and clog up the more intricate parts of the system like jockey wheels. Uberlube almost keeps the dirt around long enough to let it build up enough so that it can fall off and leave the components in contact relatively clean, yet without any effect to performance. I was very surprised by this as I’ve put it through some horrid conditions across the UK.

The application of the lube is quick and easy due to the ergonomically friendly bottle shape and slow drip nozzle. I have found in the past some either let the lube gush out and more ends up on the floor or you’re there for ages as its dribbling out the end of the bottle. The viscosity of the lube is great and leaves little residue to wipe away. As for durability, I found myself re applying Uberlube every 80km or so which is fairly reasonable, or after each deep bike clean which brings me onto the next product.

Uberbike Concentrate Foaming Bike Wash Kit – 8L
This kit arrives with enough concentrate bike wash to make 8L worth as well as the applicator bottle to mix it up in and apply it from. Clear instructions on the back of both bottles states how much concentrate liquid and water to use and at what ratio (1:8 respectively) and the desired application process. As with the lube, I followed this directly to ensure this review is as fair as possible.

Starting with the mixture process, there is a handy blue band around the bottom of the applicator bottle to ensure the correct mixture is achieved without having to measure it out separately. Once the concentrate is filled to the top of this line, I simply topped the rest of the bottle up with water and screwed the spray nozzle on ready for use. After hosing the bike down I sprayed a generous amount of RTC (Ready to Clean) Bike Wash over everything and anything on the bike. The mixture foams up well and slowly falls into all those hard to reach areas whilst also sitting on the excess of what’s left after the hose down.

I found that the formula worked well on most dirt/grime/general stuff id picked up on my travels across various spots in the UK. I’d say the area where it was least effective was parts of the frame around the drivetrain that had that generic oil and mud mixture in the harder to reach areas that had be flicked from the cassette and chain whilst riding. The RTC Bike Wash did shift it, but it took two attempts with some light brush action the second time around.

Generally speaking, I have managed 4-5 washes per bottle which works out around 25-30 washes per full concentrate bottle (depending on how strong you make it). This comes in at around £1.88 per litre which is significantly cheaper than buying the pre-mixed cleaners.

UberBike state that their RTC Bike Wash has a non-caustic formula which safeguards against all your components, brake pads, rubbers and plastics around your pride and joy. It is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable and reduces the amount of plastics used and recycled.

Lastly, post wash I found that the formula leaves a streak free finish to any painted surfaces and it applies a coating to your bike to allow water to repel from it for quite some time. This is great, especially after you’ve spent an hour cleaning it for mother nature to open the heavens on your next trip out!

UberBike have some great products and these are just a few of them. For not much more than a few beers down the pub with your mate you can take pretty good care of your bike and everything that needs to be kept in shape to keep it up to the job. 30 odd washes and enough chain lube to last at least 6 months of regular riding for 21 quid – it’s a no brainer in our eyes.