Foam Roller Exercises for ITB Syndrome

Almost every week I’m asked about whether or not to use the foam roller to help ‘stretch’ a ‘tight’ iliotibial band, and manage ITB Syndrome.

In the video above, I demonstrate some foam roller techniques which are useful in treating ITB Syndrome, and one in particular to avoid.

When foam rolling to treat ITB Syndrome, many runners do so believing that they’re releasing a tight iliotibial band – the ITB itself, and that the self massage of rolling is effectively mobilising or stretching this tightness out of the problematic tissue..

The problem is that you simply cannot stretch the ITB.

Instead, attention should be focused on tightness around the hip, in muscles like tensor fascia latae and gluteus maximus. Learn how to foam roll the IT Band, or more so the tissues around it, more effectively and overcome ITB Syndrome in the long term.

Good luck!