Proviz have been kind enough to send us their 600 Lumen LED360 Sirius light for test and review. In the box is the light, charger and clamp along with instructions for use, all neatly packaged in a plastic moulded tray for safe keeping during the summer months. We’ve been running this light for the last 6 weeks or so on a variety of trails and roads across the UK and here’s what we think.

Tech specs
There are 5 light settings in total. Full beam, medium beam, low beam, flash and pulsating. The battery is a Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable battery so there are zero cables whilst in use on the bike. Sizes come in at 147 x 42 x 40.5mm and the weight of the light is 186g (not that a light would make any difference to your Strava times anyway!) It’s also waterproof to IPX-4 rating for splashing water or rain so it can tackle all the weather conditions you can throw at it.

The product
Starting with the build quality itself, I had an immediate sense of robustness as soon as I removed it from the box. It is made from an aluminium and plastic construction that shields and protects all the important parts of the light well like the lens, battery and charging port. On either side of the body are three small orange strips that light up in relation with the main light. I’m not sure what these are for other than to be used for extra visibility while on the road but if not anything else they look cool and add a nice fresh finish to the light itself.

There is a green battery level indicator on top of the light which clearly indicates how much battery is left via 4 green lights that respectively turn off as the battery is losing power. Proviz state on their website that on full power this light will last 2 hours… I charged it fully and managed 3 hours 10 minutes from it, so they are being reserved with their stats and I would safely agree that their timings for the lower and flashing setting would be correct, if a little under estimated too which is a good thing. The 4 green lights also turn red for 30 minutes prior to the light completely shutting down which is a nice touch as it gives you a half hour warning to get back to the car.

The light comes with a tool free quick release clamp complete with two rubber strips to protect your bars. The clamp itself opens quite wide via 3 different settings but unfortunately even on the biggest setting I couldn’t fit the rubber inserts to my 35mm diameter DH bars. It did however fit without the rubber strips and didn’t happen to mark my bars but I was a little nervous fitting it without them if I’m being totally honest. Maybe a future model could have one more setting to suit bigger diameter downhill bars? We shall see. Either way, the light went on with easy and was held solidly in place. Once clamped on, there is a stiff platform on top to enable you to twist the light a few degrees either way to point it in the optimal direction. With that in mind, of we went.

Putting it to the test
We rode with the light over a 6-week period through a variety of different light settings and times, from dusk to completely and utterly pitch black. The spread of light from the lamp is good, giving a mixture of 5 main square and bright focus points, with the surrounding area lit a little less but a much wider circle.
Whilst riding, the clamp held the light in position well and this didn’t need adjusting for the duration of the whole test. The swivel platform did tend to move slightly on our first few rides but this was quickly resolved by tightening the screw on the inside of the clamping ring, so it wasn’t a big issue.
The light offered out plenty of light, ample for every time of day we needed it for. The light itself projects well into the distance and wide enough to allow you to ride with confidence through the trees at night. We would recommend running a helmet light alongside this as unfortunately it can’t see around corners, not that many lights can!

Even though the Sirius only produces 600 lumens, don’t be put off in thinking you’ll be coming up short with how far you can see or how much light it provides. For a relatively small unit in comparison to some others currently on the market, it packs a punch and holds its own. I mean, yes, I would have liked a little more light to come from it but for less than £45 it really is a great buy. It is a solid build, lasts plenty long enough for most night rides and has an array of cool and handy features to keep you riding safely in the dark.

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