How to run a great half marathon

The half marathon is a great distance. It’s long enough to be a stamina stretch but doesn’t require the extra training demands of a...

Back On Track

Running tracks. They’re the reserve of speedsters and the spike-wearing brigade, right? Wrong. Alongside the lycra-clad elites are plenty of normal runners a lot...

Why it pays to run with others

Bored of running solo? It’s time to feel the benefits of group therapy Running used to be seen as a largely solo activity. In the...
A runner withh blonde hair tied in a ponny tail, stands with her arms outstretched and eyes closed as if soaking up the endorphins of the runners high

The Runners High, is it real?

The Runner's High Embarking on a journey through the realm of long-distance running, athletes often encounter a phenomenon as captivating as it is elusive, the...
Runners feet up close running away from the camera. You can see the sole of the left shoe as it lifts from the tarmac.

Understanding Running in Different Heart Rate Zones

What are Heart Rate Zones? The Zones Explained Why do runners train in different heart rate zones? Incorporating Heart Rate Zone Training into Your Running Routine The Importance...
a group of runners, running away from the camera, you can see their backs as they run away on a sunny day

Couch to 5K Run: A Beginner’s Guide to Running Success

Welcome to your very first step towards a healthier lifestyle and the exhilarating world of running. The Couch to 5k program is not just...
cold weather sign with a snowy background

Cold outside? The secret to warm hands and feet while running and biking.

The days are getting shorter, colder and wetter. Instead of a run or bike lap outdoors, you get on your exercise bike or treadmill....
A runner is stretching their calf, kneeling down a roadside, pulling their toe towards them to stretchh the calf. The sun is setting behind them.

Stretching for Runners, a guide:

Runners, whether seasoned or beginners, often focus on mileage, pace, and technique. However, one crucial aspect that often gets sidelined is stretching. Stretching and...
a photo of the knee down of a runner facing away

How to start running, a beginners guide

Running is a fantastic form of exercise that offers numerous benefits for both the body and mind.  There is so much information out there...
Two trail runners in woods with the sun shining through the trees

Ultra Marathon vs Marathon Training

How long is an Ultra Marathon? An ultramarathon is any foot race longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometers or 26.2 miles. There...